For many years, we have been delivering chains and chain wheels to the steel industry in close cooperation with our customers planning and maintenance divisions we have been able to optimise the products and the service life. In addition, we ensure that the construction of the chains results in maximum ease of assembly, because in practice the available space is often limited along with the relatively high chain weight. Conveyor chains can reach 1000 kg/m weight per metre, for example, chains intended for coil transportation. In this case, coils with a weight of up to 30 t are being moved. For this purpose, i.e. warm and cold transport, can provide our clients with we offer heavy low-maintenance versions of block and strap link chains, which guarantee maximum service life.

Another field for conveyor chains in the steel industry are chains intended for cooling beds. Here profiles or slabs are moved on special bush conveyor chains while they are being cooled down to prepare them for the following processing stages. Because of the high temperature and the harsh environment presented by the scale, we use special materials with particular surface finishes.

Carrying and roller chains in the form of bush conveyor chains are often used for the traverse transport of profiles or pipes. Depending on the design of the equipment, accumulating roller conveyor chains may also be used. These chains are also included in our product range.
 The so-called traverse transport is often used to move the material to large saws that shape the ends of the respective profile or pipe. After sawing, these ends are dropped on scrap conveyors. These consist of double strand chains that are linked by means of an axle or a steel cell. We supply both, the chains as well as the steel cells of high-quality material to ensure that the impact load of the pieces of scrap metal is being absorbed.

Steel-producing plants may also employ strip accumulators for coils, so-called looping towers. Here platforms are moved vertically by means of highly efficient heavy roller chains. Because of the extreme loads, these duplex or triplex roller chains have optimised press fits and heavy-duty materials in the area of the joints. Based on our experience, we use special lubricants during the assembly of these chain types to achieve maximum service life for the user. Not only do we supply the chain, but also installation tools, operator manuals and maintenance instructions as well as a calculation of the expected service life, if requested.

Beside these applications, a vast number of special chains are being used in the steel industry.

Please submit your enquiry. We will help you with pleasure.

coil conveyor chain
cooling bed chains
High-quality triplex roller chains for loop towers


The automobile industry produces subassemblies, bodywork or complete vehicles using different types of chains. We implement the requirements of our clients, as for example ease of assembly, low maintenance as well as system availability

For instance, bodywork or body parts are moved by means of overhead conveyors or skid conveyor systems. These conveyors employ bush conveyor chains that are often of the lube-free type. Depending on the expected loads and the installation space, these chains may be equipped with inner or outer pulleys. The selection of the bearings for these pulleys depends on the load as well as the chain speed. Here we employ reinforced synthetic materials with high wear resistance in particular for the pairs of friction bearings that are exposed to high surface pressures. Practical tests in different applications have been very successful.

Another area where articulated chains may be used is in immersion baths as well as enamelling lines, as for example pendulum conveyors or roller-carrying chains as skid chains for longitudinal conveyors. Starting with the bid phase, we make sure that the lubricants are compatible with the media of the immersion baths or the paintwork. Special coatings on links and joint parts prevent seizures between the varnish and the conservation material. This results in extending the service life of the chain combined with a reduction of maintenance intervals

After painting, the body parts are cured in an oven. Here the skids with the body parts are moved through the oven by means of chains, so-called curing chains. Since the chains are exposed to temperatures of up to 250°C we adapt materials as well as tolerances these conditions.

When the vehicles have been assembled they are often transported on wide plate conveyors or two-track conveyors with wheel spacer. The vehicles on the plate conveyors that may be up to 3,200 mm wide are filled with the media or they may undergo final testing by the operator. The two-track conveyor is also used to subject the vehicles to a rain test to check for leaks. Under these conditions the chain material and bearings of the rollers is subjected to the excessive stresses, in particular to corrosion. Special coatings and the use of hardened stainless steel ensure that our products are suitable for this type of application while simultaneously providing maximum availability. Depending on the clients requirements we can also offer all these chain types in lube-free versions.

Please call us. We will gladly help you to produce subassemblies, bodies or complete vehicles in the automobile industry.





Two-track plate conveyor with wheel stoppers as lube-free design


plate conveyor in lube-free design
with axle for final assembly of heavy bodies

Two-track plate conveyor, media-proof, 
to fill vehicle bodies



The flow of water through this weir system with three weir fields is controlled by a rolling guard with overpour gate. The old chains have been replaced with low-maintenance stainless steel chains to reduce the high lubricant consumption. We have executed the complete refurbishment, including dismantling of the old chains and installation
of the new chains.

Our client receives a copy of the structural analysis as well as the fatigue analysis regarding the service life required by the client. However, this is often based on the DIN 19704 standard specifying
a service life of 35 years. This takes into account the flexures of the chain joints as well as the Hertzian stress between the pins and the chain wheel.


Because of the optimisation of the overhead clearance, the cable
drive mechanisms have been replaced with stainless steel chains.
As a result of the reduced pitch circle of the drive and return pinions in relation to the winding drums the height could be reduced by approx. 1.5 m. Based high annual number of operations of the sluice, the chain was designed with moveable pin supports, i.e. self-lubricated bushes are installed at both, the inner and the outer link plates.

IIn Wieblingen, a stainless steel lifting/folding chain with self-lubricated bushings was employed. The lifting chain is 
attached to the roller. The other end is attached to the 
gate as a simplex chain. Therefore, fine adjustment of both, 
the overpour gate as well as the roller movements for large flow rates, may be controlled with a drive pinion.

The chains for the weir of the Lengfurt openings M and R 
were refurbished partially, because this equipment is only intended 
to be used for a maximum of 20 years. In this case, a standard steel chain with shrunk-fit collar rings. The link plates 
are provided with corrosion protection. Joints are lubricated at 
regular intervals that depend on the number of flexures.


The drives of the upper and lower gates of the large sluice gate 
in Meppen were restored. The lower gate is driven by a jointed rack
with counterweights that are attached to the gate by means of ropes. The jointed rack is made completely from stainless steel with self-lubricating bronze bushes.

The upper gate is raised and lowered by a chain drive mechanism. These chains are also made from stainless steel with self-lubricating bushes. Because of the lack of space, two lifting chains with triple chain wheel engagement are employed in a side-by-side arrangement.




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Because of the relatively high speed of this equipment, bucket conveyor chains are subject to extreme wear and impact loads. For this reason, the joints are produced from alloyed case hardened steel with particularly deep casehardening. The durability of these chains is achieved by elevated press fittings between the link plates and the pins / bushings. In addition to these press fittings, the pins as well as the bushes are designed with flats for antirotation protection devices. Bucket conveyor chains are employed as central chains as well as single strand and double strand chains.

We can supply the required sprockets as well as the buckets required for this equipment.


Duplex chains may be employed as central chain for cell conveyors that are used as clinker conveyors. Due to the increased breaking strength and the enlarged joint surfaces, large centre distances along with extreme inclination angles can be realised. The outer flanged rollers are attached to the cells at even spacing distances. Bending of the chain is prevented by the non-backbend design of the chain.

We supply the chains, flanged rollers, suitable sprockets and the cells required for these types of conveyors. Depending on client requirements, we will also offer and supply the rails and the installation material.

Scraper chains are employed in an environment where bulk material is stored and moved to the conveyer belts by means of chain conveyors. We can supply the required chain wheels as well as the scrapers required for this equipment.

These plants predominantly employ bush conveyor chains. Depending on the clients’ requirements and application, these chains may be designed to be relubricated or as a low-maintenance version. Changes to the design of the joints avoid penetration of dirt into the joints and the required relubrication is supplied via lubrication channels on the pins. This increases the lubrication intervals and therefore the service life.

The sprockets used to convey bulk material are subject to extremely high loads. For this reason, the sprockets that are used often have bolted separated rims. This design permits quick and simple replacement of the segments. The segments are produced from a particularly wear-resistant type of steel. The tooth gaps are casehardened in a special process.



The escalator industry employs chains for passenger transportation purposes. The escalators and the associated chains must provide maximum safety, the highest level of availability and very smooth operation. We implement the requirement profile for the chains from the first consultation and during the design and construction phases.

We offer a wide range of chain designs to our international clients to cover a vast spectrum of applications. For example, standard or lube-free conveyor chains are being used in the escalators installed in department stores or public buildings. These chains can handle vertical rises of 6 to about 12 m.

Escalators for heights of 12 m to about 50 m are common in public buildings catering for high amounts of traffic, e.g. in railway stations for underground rail systems in major international cities. Because of the traffic density, the chains for heavy-duty escalators must withstand extreme loads. This means the material and the precision of these conveyor chains must comply with the highest standards. Based on our long-standing international experience we are able to meet these demands.

Another application for passenger transport systems using chains
are moving walkways. Moving walkways are also used in airports. High-quality bush conveyor chains cover distances up to 150 m. We also offer these chains to our clients as the standard design as well as a special configuration as lube-free or low-maintenance version.
Escalator heavy lubricated design
with outside roller
Chain light-duty version with inside roller bearing in lube-free design
Escalator chain with protection roller
as maintenance-free design with sealed joints


The companies AUFT GmbH und AUFT Export GmbH were founded
on the 1st of January 2005.

We develop solutions in the fields of bush conveyor chains, roller
chains, special chains as well as sprockets and chain attachments.

Our knowledge and expertise speak for themselves; our technically skilled employees have more than 20-years of experience in the chain manufacturing industry to ensure top quality products along with
the best level of service.
Conveyor chain for paper


In addition to the industries mentioned here along with the respective products, we also supply chains and chain wheels for a large variety of applications, as for example chains for bottle washing machines or for
the food industry. Moreover, we also supply bush conveyor chains for construction machines and conveyors that are required for the production of asphalt. Our qualified team of engineers design and calculate the chains for specific conveyor systems in accordance with the clients’ requirements. We assist you to optimise your plant. Please request our support.

Another service that we offer to our clients is the dismantling of old conveyor systems and the installation of the new parts. We can also assist you to monitor the installation process. The optimum solution is devised during a personal interview with yourself.



Conveyor chain
for ovens/furnaces
Chains for bottle washing
Tensioning frame


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